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Dr. Tong in the news for his Fulbright Global Scholar award, October 20, 2020

August 17, 2020. Safia co-authored a moral clarion article calling for more diversity, equity and Inclusiveness (DEI) in scientific community

May 2020, Shaping leaders at the ACS Leadership Institute

June 2019, A Yearly Spiritual Renewal of Ramadan

April 2019, TongLab Hosted a Visit by Professors Watanabe and Iiyama

April 2019, Go Gianna!

April 2019, Team Tong Paintbar Night

April 2019, Happily Making Ice Cream for Kids: Chemistry in Action

November 2018, GU to Offer Environmental Policy Masters Program

August 2018, Heady Henna: Safia is the July 2018 Chempics winner

June 13, 2018: A novel in situ NMR technique for studying batteries chemistry

February, 2018, Florencia Won the 2017-18 College Chemistry Achievement Award from the Chemical Society of Washington

February, 2018, Florencia Goes to International

February, 2018, Congratulations to Dr. Yanyan Wang

September 2017, Team Tong at the 2017 ACS & ISE Meeting

April 2017, In the News

2016 TongLab Holiday Party

December 15, 2016, 2016 Royden Davis Chair Lecture

December 13, 2016, Congratulations to Dr. Yangwei Liu, the latest minted PhD from TongLab

September 2016, The Chemistry Department Headlines the Georgetown College Website

September 2016, New DOE-BES Grant to TongLab

September 14, 2016, Dr. Tong's blog

2016 Electrochimica Acta Travel Awards to Young Electrochemists to Dr. De-Jun Chen

12/20/2015: TongLab 2015 Holiday Party on Sunday 12/13/2015

12/16/2015: Learning in the Lab, a Video Story...

12/10/2015: New Provisional Patent Has Been Filed

12/01/2015: Dr. Tong Appointed to the Editorial Board of ChemistrySelect

08/21/2015: The First Patent from TongLab Granted by US Patent Office

08/05/2015: Congratulations to Janice again for winning a silver medal at the 47th IChO in Baku, Azernaijan

07/24/2015: 2015 Summer Group Lunch

07/06/2015: A New Paper from TongLab has been published on the Early View website of Angewandt Chemie International Edition

06/20/2015: Congratulations to Janice for Being Selected to the 2015 US Chemistry Olympiad Team

06/15/2015: TongLab Alumnus Steven Ryckbosch Visited Us

06/15/2015: Congratulations to Melissa and Justin

06/11/2015: TongLab at DOE's 2015 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meetings (AMR) for the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program

06/02/2015: TongLab is in the News

05/31/2015: Welcome Marysol and Xueting

05/08/2015: Summer Fellowship Awards to Laura, Daniya and Stephen

04/25/2015: Yangwei Attended the Faraday Discussions at Argonne National Lab 04/20 to 04/22/2015

04/24/2015: New AFM/STM/SECM/MFM Installed in TongLab

04/24/2015: Dr. Tong Comments on Signing the Open Letter that Backs for Fossil Free Divestment

04/02/2015: A New Paper from TongLab has appeared on the Chem Commun Website as an Accepted Manuscript

03/18/2015: New Funding to TongLab from the ARO

03/09/2015: TongLab Alumnus Maggie Hansen is Featured on the Georgetown College Website for her Love of Science and Logic

03/01/2015: Welcome Benjamin Chen

02/11/2015: The 100th paper from TongLab

01/14/2015: A new paper from TongLab has appeared on the ChemPhysChem early view website

01/09/2015: Goodbye and best of luck, Long!

01/08/2015: Intel Science Fair Semi-finanlist

12/14/2014: TongLab 2014 Holiday Party

12/02/2014: Welcome Safia Jilani

09/24/2014: Dr. Tong photobombed the first-year graduate students at the Fall 2014 Department Reception

09/08/2014: A new paper from TongLab just appeared on the ChemComm website

08/24/2014: A Luce Scholarship is awarded to Margret Hanson

June 27, 2014; New funding from NSF

June 26, 2014; Tong Lab at the 88th CSSS

June 20, 2014

June 10, 2014

May 30, 2014

May 15, 2014

January 2014 News

December 2013 Congratulations to Augusta and Dianne!

November 2013 Dr Tong Joined Review Committee for Brookhaven National Lab

October 2013 Dr. Tong Delivered a Talk at ECS Meeting

September 2013 Welcome new member!

August, 2013 News

July 2013 Dr. Tong delivered two invited talks

June 2013

May 2013 News

January 2013 Dr. Tong gave an invited talk at the 5th Triennial ISEAC

January 2013 Dr. Tong gave an invited talk at the 5th Triennial ISEAC

November 2012 Congrats Yangwei Liu

October 2012 Welcome New Members!

September 2012 News

August 2012 News

June/July 2012 News

May 2012 Co-chaired the 11th ISE Spring Meeting

April 2012 News

February 2012 Bolian Xu ended his GU-SCS post-doc fellowship

January 2012 Dr. Tong traveled to Bangalore, India

November 2011 New Group Member, Welcome!

September 2011, Augusta back from China!

September 2010, Dr. Tong to Attend 61st International Society of Electrochemistry Annual Meeting

August, 2010, Dr. Tong Is Now Chair of the Chemistry Department