Give to TongLab

The Tong Laboratory is an excellent place where post-docs, graduate students, undergraduate students, and even high school students have been working together at the frontiers of nanoscience and their applications to clean energy generation and storage and nanoelectronics for sensing and measurements. They help contribute to creating new nanomaterials, developing new knowledge, and ultimately achieving meaningful breakthroughs in (1) fundamental electrocatalysis for clean energy generation and (2) in unraveling metal-nanoparticles-based interfacial chemistry for further devices miniaturization, all for the common good of our society. As such, we welcome and appreciate private donations to support students' education and cutting-edge research that include, but are not limited to, supporting student stipends, their traveling to conferences, instrumental developments, and consumable chemicals. All supports will be acknowledged properly in publications and presentations.

You may give to TongLab through the Office of Advancement's secure site and specify TongLab as the beneficiary of your generous support.

The Tong Laboratory on the 4th Floor of White Gravenor Hall