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1. Current Members

Research Associates/Pos-Docs

Dr. Dejun Chen, Assistant Professor 

BS. 2006, PhD, 2012 in Chemistry, Xiamen University, China

Dejun was an exchange PhD student from Professor Shi-Gang Sun's lab at Xiamen University in the Group from October 2009 to April 2012, that was partially supported by a two-year CSC (Chinese Scholar Council) scholarship. He started his current post-doc position in August 2012 working on in situ spectroelectrochemistry (SEIRAS and SERS) and Pt-based electrocatalysts for electrooxidation of small organic molecules and oxygen reduction. He started his appointment of teaching assistant professor in the Environmental Metrology & Policy Graduate Program in Fall 2018.

BS. 2003, MS 2006, Ph.D. 2013, Northeastern University, Shengyang, China.

Dr. Bian is currently a lecturer in the chemistry department, Northeastern University, Shengyang, China. She is awarded a Chinese Scholar Council's scholarship and joined the TongLab in 11/2018 as a visiting scholar. joined TongLab on September 1st 2016. Her research focuses on developing in situ IR for studying battery chemistry.

Undergraduate Students

Biochemistry major, Col' 2021.

Carter is a biochemistry major at Georgetown University and a San Francisco native. While deeply interested in biochemistry he also is a proud Grillmaster with the Georgetown University Grilling Society. Aside from grilling multiple days a week, he also vlogs under the username @cartmilk on instagram.  The 2018 summer he had a cell bio internship with Prellis Biologics, a 3D printing startup. He joined the Tong Lab in Spring 2018. This semester, Carter is excited to focus on designing He joa PtNiCu catalyst and is ready to get into electrochemistry!

Nicholas Young    
Chemistry major, Col' 2021

Nick is a sophomore chemistry major in the Georgetown College. He has been conducting research in the Tong lab since the spring of his freshman year, focusing on the synthesis of tellurium ligand protected gold nanoparticles. In his spare time, he enjoys staying active and working as an EMT.

Biochemistry Major/Pre-med, Col' 2020.

Gianna Bevacqua is a biochemistry major at Georgetown University from Parsippany, New Jersey. Aside from school, she spends her time tutoring freshmen in General Chemistry and participating in campus ministry. In pursuit of a premed concentration, she spent the 2018 summer shadowing an anesthesiologist and observing various medical procedures. She joined the Tong Lab in the 2018 Spring semester and is now pursuing an Honors degree in biochemistry with a focus on her research of synthesizing gold nanoparticles with a selenium ligand.

Graduate Students

Safia Jilani
B.S. in chemistry from Dominican University, River Forest, IL, 2013.

Safia joined the group in Fall 2014, She has won an Espencheid Fellowship for Summer 2015 because she passed her Phase I exams on her first attempt. Her research focuses on developing electrocatalysts that can have a better ability in breaking the C-C bond in ethanol. She has many probing questions, which is good. Moreover, Safia brings a lot of smiles and giggles to the lab.

Rongfeng Zheng
BS (2012) and MS (2015) in chemistry from Jilin University, China.

Rongfeng joined the group in Fall 2015. Before coming to Georgetown, Rongfeng has already co-authored three papers, one of which appeared in Langmuir and entitled "Syntheses and characterization of nearly monodispersed, size-tunable silver nanoparticles over a wide range of 7-200nm by tannic acid reduction". Her research project is on synthesis and characterization of organo-chalcognate stabilized metal nanoparticles.

BS (2017) in chemistry from St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia.

Kaitlyn joined the lab in Fall 2017. I received my B.S. Her current project focuses on the potential oscillations that occur during the Formica acid electro-oxidation using palladium.