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group culture

We Are Pursuing

An Inclusive & Collaborative Group Culture

  • Be the Leader of Your Project
  • Stay Focused & Self-Motivated
  • Be Competitve Yet Considerate
  • Stay Humble & Ready to Offer Help
  • Stay Together for the Ultimate Fun of Scientific Discoveries and Knowledge-Making

Seven Good Habits
(Based on S. Covey's best-selling book)
  • Be proactive: be responsible for your actions
  • Begin with the end in mind: make clear goals
  • Put first things first: set priorities
  • Have a win-win attitude:be competitive yet graceful
  • Understand others: put yourself in others' shoes
  • Use teamwork to create synergy:two brains can make a genius
  • Sharpen the saw: be mindful of the importance for a continual renewal of mind, body, spirit, and relationships